Preservation: wet coating, powder coating and galvanizing

At Heilig Fabrication we know that proper preservation of metal products provides long-term durability. The protection of semi-finished products, components and complete products will increase the lifespan of metal.

In order to reach the proper protection and lifespan levels it is essential to choose the right preservation method. Just as choosing the appropriate metal finishing process.
With our vast expertise Heilig Fabrication is able to choose the right finishing method for a durable protection against corrosion during the manufacturing process.

Complete service of surface treatments

As part of our complete service our products are supplied with a surface treatment, such as blasting, wet coating, powder coating and thermal galvanizing. At Heilig Fabrication we perform quality controls. If you require any specific quality report we can provide you with this.

Experience the ideal combination of manufacturing and finishing of your products. Please feel free to contact us.