About us

Metal company in the province of Noord-Holland: flexible services at affordable prices

Heilig Fabrication offers steel constructions and sheet metal and is situated in the province of Noord-Holland. We are part of the Heilig Group. An international organization that develops technical solutions for industrial processes such as machines, installations and tools, which are essential for the processing of raw materials to create more valuable products. As an independent organization we offer customized products and semi-finished products of various types of alloy steel.

How a small Heilig company can be great

We are a small part of a large internationally operating company group. Our customers benefit from the best of both worlds. We have gained our wide knowledge and experience by working on different types, kinds and dimensions of installations and machines. Furthermore, we buy materials at affordable prices. On the other hand, due to our independence within the group it is easier to switch between different projects. Because of this, we can guarantee short delivery times and can easily scale-up during large projects. Moreover, we can manage your project. We provide everything. From the receival of your digital designs to the transportation to your customer.

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The Heilig Organization was founded in 1978 by Nicholas Maria Heilig. At the time, our company started as a one-man business with one welding machine and over the years it has grown into a large international group of companies in machines and installations for the bulk handling and recycling sector. Based on our mission to offer our customers an extensive range of services with regard to engineering, development, manufacturing and installation, the Heilig organisation has been expanded to a group of companies. The individual companies in the group offer a complete package of solutions in the field of recycling, waste management, bulk handling, wood processing, heat exchangers, industrial mixers and electrical installations. The Heilig Group organizations, spread over several European countries, form a strong and leading conglomerate that supplies customers all over the world.