CNC press brake for bending sheet and plate material

CNC bending machine is an essential tool for metalworking. Heilig Fabrication has CNC press brakes (Computer Numerical Control) for bending your sheet metal.

We are capable of bending steel in series utilising our press brake machines which are also capable of bending heavy steelwork:
• Press brake BAYKAL APHS NEO 31200
• Press brake BAYKAL APHS 6100 x 600

Both machines can generate a compression force of 200 to 600 tons for the folding (or press brake bending) of edges and radius bends.

• computer controlled machines (CNC) for precision edges
• single sheet metal of heavy steel or production in series
• edges and radius bending
• sheet metal format up to 6 meters
• sheet metal thickness up to 15 mm

Would you to like to have more information about the metalworking services of Heilig Fabrication? For more information about sheet metal folding, please feel free to contact us.